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We Have Met the Enemy – He is Us

This was the title of my presentation at the #ITx2014 conference yesterday.

I have embedded the slideshow. In the next few days I will try and put up a version with an audio commentary reflecting what I said on the day.



The ITx Conference – Auckland – 8-10 October 2014


This conference will soon be upon us. I have been fortunate enough to have a paper selected for presentation.

The programme is here and my offering is here.

You can register here

What is ITx?

Established in 2014, ITx is three conferences in one; combining the successful IITP and CITRENZ national conferences with the re-launch of the Computer Science Association’s conference; establishing the broadest and largest non-vendor general IT conference in New Zealand.

ITx focuses on innovation, technology and education and brings IT professionals, decision-makers, leaders and academics together under one roof. This is a conference like no other: where industry, academia and government come together to network, learn and engage.

ITx will run every second year in either Auckland, Wellington or Christchurch.


The Institute of IT Professionals NZ (IITP) is the professional body of the IT sector and is the largest IT representative body in New Zealand. IITP has run conferences for almost 50 years, although there was a large hiatus prior to the 2010 50th Anniversary Conference. IITP2013 was held in Tauranga and attracted hundreds of IT professionals and thought leaders.

Computer and Information Technology Research and Education New Zealand (CITRENZ) is the representative body for the IT departments of New Zealand’s Institute of Technology / Polytechnic sector. CITRENZ has been running successful annual conferences for 27 years.

Computer Science Association of New Zealand (CSANZ) is the forum for the University Computer Science community. CSANZ has been active for many years and 2014 will see the return of the popular CSANZ conference as part of ITx.

IITP Wellington Branch Committee

I am standing for election to the Wellington Branch Committee of IITP. The voting process is now open. I note with interest that if I had not stood the probability is that the 2013 Committee Group Ticket would have been returned unopposed. So in that sense you could describe me as an independent voice.

My intent in standing is to assist IITP further it’s aims. In addition I believe passionately that we need to improve governance in business. Therefore should I be fortunate enough to gain sufficient votes to be elected I should wish to promote the efforts of IITP both in Wellington and nationally in this critical area.

Please help me if you are an IITP Wellington elector by supporting my candidacy.

Thank you


This site has been remarkably successful, especially after I started paying some attention to it.

When I started Some Thoughts I wanted to see if I could attract an audience.

This I have done. I think.

Site stats are not totally reliable, as many of my readers see my posts on other forums, for example LinkedIn or Facebook. Yet many contacts often comment about ‘How I saw your post on’

I thank all of you. As well I wish to ask for your continued support, as I try and examine more and more critical business issues.

However, I realise that whilst wishing to post on business matters, there are some other things I wish to post on as well. This sort of posting is not necessarily likely to attract the same audience. Therefore, I have started a ‘Fun’ blog.

Just to make it harder, for me,  I have chosen to put this new blog on tumblr.


Blog Changes

Today when I checked my blog the format had changed drastically due to changes, made unilaterally, by WordPress.

I have tried to restore things to how they were, but have made some minor changes as a result of the new blog theme.

If you are a regular visitor and missing something you look for please let me know

Peter in Auckland this coming week

I will be in Auckland, Tuesday pm through Thursday pm should anyone want to meet up