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We Have Met the Enemy – He is Us

This was the title of my presentation at the #ITx2014 conference yesterday.

I have embedded the slideshow. In the next few days I will try and put up a version with an audio commentary reflecting what I said on the day.



The IRD Transformation

Went to the IITP Breakfast at The Wellesley this morning to hear Revenue Minister Todd McClay talk about the reasons behind the IRD Transformation project.

2014-06-26 08.13.44

An informative presentation on some of the thinking behind the major programme IRD are proposing.

It will be interesting to see if the words translate into execution once the programme moves into later phases.


The role of procurement in software project failure

The Institute of Information Technology Professionals is conducting a very brief survey of IT procurement in project failure. Please, if you have relevant experience take part in the survey. Details are below:

Gmail - The role of procurement in software project failure (2)The survey can be accessed here http://www.iitp.org.nz/spsurvey

It is very concise so please assist us in this research effort.

As many of you know I have a long held interest in the causes of project failure, so I look forward to seeing the results of this survey.

Improving Assurance over ICT in Government

I attended an interesting presentation at lunchtime today. The presenter was  Alison Schulze the recently appointed Director of ICT Assurance at Department of Internal Affairs. Ms Schulze reports via Tim Occleshaw, Deputy Chief Executive –  Service and System Transformation, Government Chief Technology Officer  to Colin MacDonald, DIA CEO and Government Chief Information Officer. The remit of Ms Schulze is across government and not confined to just DIA.  

Initial indications from the session today are that government is, at long last, making serious efforts to get to grips with the issue of assurance based on a business perspective, not just an IT one. However, it is as stated today very much work in progress.

I hope to be able to write in more detail on this in the near future.

Managing Value from IT

Whilst looking for something completely different, I came across this thoughtful post by Basil Wood on ‘Leadership is seriously absent in governance‘. In this context he is concerned that we do not generate value from IT because of, amongst other factors, a lack of leadership.

This is a theme which resonates with me.

Read Basil’s post, it is worth it.


As many of you know I am on the Committee of the Wellington Chapter of ISACA. Below is the announcement for a Governance Event we have organized for 11 September. It promises to be a good day, at a very reasonable cost.


The Positive Impact of Good Governance

ISACA – Wellington Chapter – Forthcoming Governance Event

Our first major governance event for 2009 – 11 September 2009

The Chapter is pleased to announce this important seminar dealing with The Positive Impact of Good Governance on projects and their success.

This seminar builds upon the successful governance event we held in October 2008. It will focus on amongst other issues:-


Project Lifecycle - representation

What are the key issues in success/failure and where does governance impact?

Are there warning signs of failure? If so, why are they ignored? Does this have organizational culture implications?

Are PMO’s effective or a process sop? Where does the PMO fit as part of a good governance framework?

Do governance processes tick the compliance box, but impede the outcome?

What is good governance      in this context?

The seminar is built around the Project Lifecycle and seeks to explore aspects of these topics at various stages of the Lifecycle.

The seminar opens with a scene setting and provocative keynote address from well known industry identity Marcel van den Assum.

The programme will combine presentations with interactive elements such as case studies, video presentations and discussions.

Key takeaway from the day will be an enhanced understanding of where and how Good Governance positively impacts Project Success

Full programme details will be announced very soon.

Date:              11 September 2009

Location: –    Wellington Regional Chamber of Commerce, Majestic Centre,             Willis Street, Wellington

Cost: –            Members NZ$96 +GST$12, Non-members NZ$136 +GST$17

Register your interest now by contacting Peter M Salmon.

Peter can be contacted at manning.charles.assoc@gmail.com, for ease of administration please include ‘Project Success Event’ in email subject line.

An exciting governance event

Amongst other activities I am a committee member for the Wellington Chapter of ISACA. In fact I am the member responsible for organising our various activities in the governance area.

On Tuesday 28 October we are having a one day seminar on Governance, which is being held at the Wellington Regional Chamber of Commerce at the Majestic Centre in Willis Street, Wellington.

The theme for the day is as follows:-

The Wellington Chapter of ISACA is extremely pleased to announce our 2008 Governance Seminar. This first Governance educational event promises to be thought provoking, focusing as it does on the topic of Delivering Value through Governance. We believe that this full day event is one of interest to a broad cross section of executives, consultants and others in the public sector and commerce. The day encompasses both presentations and case studies, based on real situations.

The presenters have extensive experience in business as well as with Information Systems and come from a variety of backgrounds.

The full programme can be found here.

I think it is an incredibly good value day and not just because I organised the event.

The programme is about governance as part of an overall value system, not as a tick the box process.