Manning Charles & Associates Ltd

Manning Charles & Associates Limited is the company through which I conduct my consulting practice.

Many people have asked me why I called the company Manning Charles & Associates Limited. The answer is that many years ago my father established an accountancy practice in the UK called Manning Charles & Co. Manning was a family name, for example I am Peter Manning Salmon and Charles was the surname of his business partner at that time.

My father practiced under that name for several decades.

Therefore, when I decided to establish my consulting practice Manning Charles was the name which naturally came to mind.

Focus and Services

I have been in the Professional Services world for several decades. In addition I have now spent some 22 years working in the Information Technology and Services arena.

The positions I have held and the nature of the work I have undertaken means that I have extensive experience at a practical, hands on level, of what you need to do to successfully build and run a Professional Services Firm.

At a programme and project level I have been involved in every aspect of acquiring, performing and reviewing Professional Service engagements and projects across a variety of sectors. This means that I am exceptionally well qualified to assist businesses seeking to develop and grow their service enterprises.

The services I provide include, but are not limited to:-

  • Professional Service Firm strategy
  • Economics of Professional Service Firms
  • Building a practice
  • Programme and Project Review; plus situational analysis
  • Business Case development and review
  • Project Quality assessments
  • Advice on project remediation
  • General business advice
  • Bid manageement and proposal development
  • Governance reviews

More information will be available on this and related pages in the near future.