Peter M Salmon


Peter Salmon is a senior executive and consultant. He has extensive board level experience. In addition Peter has wide ranging business management, professional services and programme/project delivery experience.  He combines this with significant governance, organizational change, business assessment, and staff management competence. This is complemented by having worked in a number of countries and a varied range of business sectors. Past responsibilities include developing, leading and managing major structural and cultural change programmes.  Peter’s business experience includes partner responsibilities in a major international firm; plus local CEO and senior executive experience with a significant ICT enterprise in New Zealand and in the Asia/Pacific region. Over the years he has been involved in a number of significant advocacy activities. These have included speaking at various seminars and conferences, through to initiating the development of sector conferences so as to promote firm services. Other activities have included leading or forming part of a team attending important industry forums to develop contacts and lobby for business opportunities. These activities have included significant effort outside the country of location with a view to bringing work to that location.

He has experience of leading major programmes through his past responsibilities for major practice areas in Australia/New Zealand with a leading multi-national. This involvement meant he was responsible for effective, timely and profitable delivery of the extensive multi-million US$ programme of work for the region. In this role he provided direction, advice and oversight to a large team of programme and project directors and their teams. Advice was provided as well to line and executive management on issues related to engagements undertaken. Additionally, as the executive responsible for leading the Project Quality Office, in the South Pacific theatre of operations, he was responsible for providing input and advice to the regional CEO on programmes/projects and their business impact; plus working with line managers to assist them in improving service delivery and operational performance. Under his direction the  NZ, Australian and Asian consulting and systems integration services practices achieved significant improvements in performance.

His knowledge and expertise is combined with a strong record of achievement. For many years Peter has worked with CxO level executives, management and staff to provide successful business focused outcomes to problems.

Critical elements contributing to his success include:-

  • Ascertaining and understanding situational  requirements, managing expectations and delivering against agreed outcomes
  • Working in a collegial and collaborative manner through using an influence based model
  • Effective people management and capability development; leading and developing teams
  • The ability to proactively manage change within organizations
  • The ability to develop a case for a proposition and successfully lobby for its adoption, both internally and externally as appropriate
  • Managing programmes of work within the context of the need to meet stringent budgetary, timeline and profitability targets
  • Understanding existing structures and developing effective alternatives where appropriate
  • Developing new structures and processes; and achieving the successful implementation of same
  • A pragmatic approach to issues, focused on achieving a mutually agreed and effective resolution
  • An excellent understanding of business and the drivers for performance
  • Managing compliance with ethical, professional, corporate, regulatory and legal requirements
  • Managing the tensions inherent in the above, and
  • Personal integrity and commitment.

Peter has worked with entities ranging from major public sector agencies, multi-national businesses through to small/medium size enterprises. Sectors he has experience in include banking, insurance, re-insurance, IT, public sector, the services sector and a wide variety of commercial enterprises Much of his work has involved the assessment of strategies, businesses, situations, people and programmes; together with the design and implementation of agreed solutions to the issues identified. Many engagements have required him to rapidly build good working relationships with senior executives, managers and staff so as to enable the engagement to be progressed successfully.

For several years he was a member of the  Asia/Pacific executive management team for a leading multi-national in the ICT industry. He occupied, successfully, a number of senior executive management roles, including a period as the Acting CEO of the New Zealand subsidiary.  Latterly  Peter was responsible for the effective deployment of professional services staff across the Asia/Pacific region, including involvement in all aspects of resource management, capability development and performance management. This involved understanding the programmes of work being undertaken and involvement with their effective delivery. In this capacity he was involved in leading and implementing a number of significant change programmes.

Previously, he led the Australia/New Zealand systems integration practice responsible for the profitable and effective delivery of multiple projects across the theatre of operations. His position, as practice leader or Managing Principal, required him to be responsible for the direction, monitoring and overall leadership of projects being undertaken for clients in a variety of sectors and locations.

Peter was involved closely in the operational and strategic management of the business areas he had responsibility for.  This included responsibility for profitability, business development, budget preparation, delivery, project quality, sales and target achievement.

The roles Peter has filled have required the ability to rapidly understand new business factors, industries and organisations, plus the willingness and capability to exercise judgement and make appropriate decisions, followed by leading and in many cases performing the work required.

A significant factor in developing his capabilities has been his extensive financial audit and investigation experience; which coupled with his later roles has given him an excellent and practical understanding of business, organisations, governance and risk.

Much of his career has been as an expatriate, necessitating the ability to build credibility and good working relationships with people of differing backgrounds and cultures.  His international experience includes work in:-

  • Australia/ New Zealand
  • Caribbean – Bermuda/Barbados
  • S. E. Asia – Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore
  • United States / Canada
  • United Kingdom.

Peter’s personal drivers include the desire to meet the challenge of the day, coupled with focus on an outcome which meets client needs. His goals and objectives are varied, but include the following:

  • providing value to his clients,
  • avoiding compromise of his principles and values,
  • applying rigour to his work,
  • enabling his clients to succeed,
  • develop the people he works with, and
  • building his knowledge.