Novopay # 8 – Deloitte Review – Some Thoughts #1

The Deloitte Review found amongst other matters the following, see Pages 8 & 9:-

  • in some areas systems functionality does not adequately support business processes

  • user input issues and lack of data validations contribute to processing errors

  • school management visibility and control is limited by reports that are sometimes poorly presented or inconsistent

  • data quality has been affected by system issues, raising the risk of future errors

  • quality controls on data entry have not adequately prevented errors

  • a high degree of customisation in high impact areas has made on-going development more difficult

  • aspects of the application architecture make customisation difficult

  • service support processes have struggled to manage the volume of issues

Frankly, based on my past experience with projects which have gone off the rails, I am not surprised. Given some of the media comments and observations on various websites I was expecting some other findings, but these are perhaps more likely to surface in the forthcoming Ministerial Review Report.

Then as one goes through the Deloitte report there are a considerable number of other disturbing findings and observations.

I will be commenting one the above findings and other elements of the Deloitte Review in more detail over the next little while.

However, one initial comment I would make, is that given the time spent on this project the fact that system functionality does not fully support business processes is particularly disturbing and leads me to wonder just where the underlying cause of a number of the problems being experienced does in fact lie.


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