A new computer

After some years it is apparent that I need to retire my trusty Inspiron 9400.

The question is with what to replace it?

I am tempted to a Dell XPS 15 with lots of memory and disk, following my philosophy of over spec now, but get long life!


One response to “A new computer

  1. Over-spec is an excellent strategy, one that I have followed for 35 years (yup: I used to solder my own computers together, from spare parts).

    If you over-spec, with a view to keeping your equipment for at least 5 years, then you are quite likely to get 10 useful years of life out of it. True.

    And no, nevermind about whether your “old” kit can run “new” applications: for most people such considerations fall into the “Want-vs-Need” trap. A person can waste a small fortune indulging that Bad Habit! Far prefer to spend that kind of money on fine wine and good books!

    At the same time you over-spec, buy a suite of software that works well for you, and use it! Guess what? In 10 years time, it will still work perfectly acceptably, and still do everything that it does today.

    On that basis, I still have an old Macintosh SE from the Early 1980’s that does precisely that. No, I no longer use it, but yes, if I wanted to I certainly could! It was active on The Internet long before New Zealanders ever got dial-up access…

    Therefore, The Chieftain approves of your Strategy, Peter. Over-spec.

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