The importance of people

More and more I have come to realise that you can have all the frameworks, policies, processes and business models that you like.

To a greater or lesser degree all will work, some better than others when attuned to the circumstances obtaining.

Yet none will have a hope in hell of succeeding if the people question is not taken into account.

What do I mean? Simply that to be successful an organisation must select, train and develop people at all levels who are in tune with the needs of the organisation. In that regard it is critical that boards and senior executives clearly set out straegy and expectations as to performance so that everyone can decise whether they can sign-up. This is especially the case when major organisational changes in strategy and direction are underway.

Being in tune does not being subservient, but understanding and engaging with the organisation, including being questioning. Organisations which do not accept that questioning is an essential part of proceedings today are unlikely to make progress.

People are the essential asset of organisations, many other things are critical, but it is people that make or break them. THat is why leadership at all levels is critical.


2 responses to “The importance of people

  1. Too true, too true. People make or break projects regardless of the resources thrown behind the project and the numbe rof consultants developing it. We are trying a bit of a different approach to the traditional “Powerpoint to Everyone” rollout phase and then hearing the feedback from the most vocal in the room. We are using SurveyMonkey (free!) to get everyones general feelings before we even go into the design phase. What questioning methods have you found work best?

  2. Malcolm Jackson

    I take it this is one of your flights of whimsy mentioned above? 🙂
    I have a well-known saying (well-known where I currently work, anyway), “Documentation is a wonderful thing but it never delivered a project”. If only some senior management at large organisations would realise this, the world etc, etc

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