Infonomics Newsletter for September – out now

Mark Toomey, author of Waltzing with the Elephant, the book on ISO 38500, has issued his newsletter for September. As always the newsletter is a good read with useful insights – this months includes a look at the outage at Virgin Blue.

Yet I think one of the most important statements in the newsletter is the change in the masthead’s sub-heading:-

Previously it was ‘Plain Langauge about Corporate Governance of Information Technology’

Now it is ‘Plain Language about Leadership and (Corporate) Governance of Information Technology

This is an important change. Effective Governance requires leadership. This leadership must , in my strongly held view, be founded upon a sound ethical framework and robust values of integrity and straight dealing. If it is not then the entire edifice of governance will be found wanting.

I think we should stop referring to Governance of Information Technology and refer instead to Leadership and Enterprise Governance, as I passionately believe that Corporate Governance and Information Techology Governance are inextricably entwined elements of the greater whole, ie Enterprise Governance.


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