Oct 2009:-Some earlier comment on Delhi Games

Here is a Morning Report interview with Michael Hooper from October 2009. At that time Hooper was in a spat over Games preparedness with Mr Kalmadi, head of the Delhi Organising Committee.

Of interest is the report from the BBC reporter in Delhi. Hooper makes the point that progress was slow in October 2009 and there was critcism of how the Games were being organised.

It is hard to avoid the conclusion that, as so often with international sporting festivals, politics have been a significant factor.

Communication and goals would appear to have been problematic for some time.

Some Thoughts:-

Were the real concerns being communicated behind the scenes to the Indian Government at this time, or were they being filterd by the Organising Committee?

Was too much attention being paid by the CGF to not upsetting the Indians, such that the CGF did not make it unequivocally clear what their concerns were?

Were the appropriate communication mechanisms in place? Were they being used?

Was there an overall plan, monitored and amended as necessary with appropriate risk analyses?

Why are the Games so massively over budget?


2 responses to “Oct 2009:-Some earlier comment on Delhi Games

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  2. Interesting interview IMO.

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