Delhi Commonwealth Games – Project Failure?

The up-coming Commonwealth Games has all the marks of a Project Failure, even if it goes ahead. We are seeing a rapid moving of the criteria for success by a number of parties.

I intend to look at this event as a possible case study in governance and project/programme management. It is a excellent example in this regard. One of the factors that will be ‘front & center’ is that of politics, internal and external and their impact. Management of communications will feature as well.

As I started to research the matter, I came across this useful interview with Mike Hooper, CEO of the Commonwealth Games Federation.

This 2 part interview is dated 10 August, 2010.

Part 1

Part 2

The interview repays very careful listening. There are, it seems to me, some carefully nuanced remarks. I might be wrong, but I see Hooper as putting a brave face (spin) on the situation in this interview. Note the response to a question on quality of venues, accommodation and catering.

These comments were 10 August, 8 weeks out. The interviewer was quite persistent and I suspect would not be surprised at the situation now occurring! The interviewer was spot on with much of the questioning. It would appear that there are some corruption issues which the interviewer raised.

More to come, once I have had time to do some research.


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