New Zealand Pinot Noir

An interesting column from the FT, by Andrew Jefford, considering the undoubted merits of our Pinot Noir, with a comparison against those over the ditch.

Jefford writes:-

New Zealand is the only southern hemisphere wine-producing nation whose primary vocation, by dint of latitude and location, is for white wines rather than red. That’s perfect for Pinot, which loves to be teased through a nuanced, cloud-flecked summer rather than roasted to ripeness under a glowering sun.

Unsurprisingly, then, New Zealand has a much more consistent hit rate for Pinot than Australia, and Kiwi Pinots usually exert an easier sensual appeal and carry more attractive flesh on their bones, too. In the right hands, that comeliness of form can acquire an inner structure and an intricacy that makes them world Pinot benchmarks, even if they don’t yet seem to have either the tannic grip or the mineral force of good red burgundy.

His top picks are at the end of the article. They include Fromm and Escarpment.


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