Voicing values in the workplace

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Prof Mary Gentile Voicing Values in the Workplace -this video, is sourced from the McKinsey Quarterly.

Professor Mary Gentile explores ethical dilemmas at work and how to act on them.Recent years have seen an unprecedented breakdown in public trust of business, spurred in no small part by instances of unethical behavior at some of the world’s most powerful institutions. Mary Gentile, director of business curriculum at Babson College, says the real challenge for business students, employees, and executives isn’t knowing what’s right, but knowing how to act on those convictions within an organization. In this video interview, Gentile shares insights and experiences on how to do that, which she’s gathered through her work developing the Giving Voice to Values curriculum and her eponymous book. McKinsey Publishing’s Lily Cunningham conducted the interview with Mary Gentile in New York in June 2010.

A transcript in PDF form is here.

This interview caught my attention because of the focus on resolving the ethical dilemma of how to do what is right in an organisation, when culture seems non-permitting.

My personal and passionate belief is that effective governance requires strong values and ethics within an organisation. Indeed where the values are wrong, then no matter how many governance frameworks and compliance checks are in place it is probable at best that governance is weak and more possibly non-existent.

To me this where we reach the critical nexus between leadership, values, integrity and how they impact governance and culture.

I am interested in hearing from others on this issue.


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  1. bench jacken damen pink
    This can be something I need to do more research into, appreciate the posting.

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