The power of social media

If ever you wanted a demonstration of the power of Social Media and the NZ blogosphere consider Busted Blonde, National Business Review and Veuve Cliquot.

The video makes the situation clear:-

Then the outburst of complaint and dismay on Facebook, blogs when NBR said BB had not won, was such as to lead the NBR publisher Barry Colman to stump up with the champagne for BB. No doubt the bad PR that NBR was attracting influenced the decision.

Thus in NZ we had a clear validation of the impact that social media has today. It is hard to imagaine a similar outcome without the digital environment that we have today.


2 responses to “The power of social media

  1. This situation would have been very difficult indeed to duplicate outside today’s digital environment, as you’ve said.

    Lesson without words… as with most things that “sound like a good idea at the time”, this issue fir NBR all boils down to inadequate Risk Management. Leaving aside the seemingly-dodgy contest rules, there are three issues, as I see it:

    1) Never sign a blank check — which is exactly what happens when you establish an open-ended contest in social media. Lucky for them “The Busted Blonde” is relatively slight (66 bottles don’t weigh much) — NZ has a population with plenty of people 15 stone plus: this could easily have cost triple or more than it did.

    2) Good intentions often back-fire — NBR ended up on Campbell Live for all the wrong reasons. It was a self-inflicted injury and it was punished as such. People are more likely to remember they ran a poor contest than they are to remember that they coughed up in the end. Hence, a failed campaign.

    3) Marketing campaigns *are* therefore a significant Risk Issue and ought to be scrutinized as such. That mistake cost and additional $6,000 of MARGIN, which it didn’t need to. You can bet it will not have generated anywhere near that, either in goodwill or in bottom-line. This totally ignores the cost of permanently looking silly — which is in itself a bad outcome for NBR. That news clip will probably never go away, ever. Things on the Internet tend not to.

    On the grand scheme of things — definitely not the Apocalypse. Still, it’s instructive, and probably not the sort of lesson NBR would like to teach.

    (Assumptions: full Excise will have been paid on each bottle, and the “mistake” will have been corrected from stock that would otherwise have been for sale at full margin. Fair assumptions I believe, because the payout will have been in addition to their intended prize. Even if the liquor distributor “came to the party” with the costs, it cost somebody a fair whack and they won’t be well pleased…)

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