Usefulness of Different Social Media for Business

Came across a report today from –   2009 Business Social Media Benchmarking Study which looks at the variety of ways businesses use Social Media. This free report can be easily downloaded.

One graphic I found interesting was this one:-

Source:- 2009 Business Social Media Benchmarking Study

I was especially taken with this comment:-

“The most useful social media resource is the webinars. I feel that they offer the most, don’t demand that I travel, spend a lot of money, or even make a huge commitment of time. They are usually well focused on a topic and therefore don’t waste my time with a lot of unrelated topics.”

Personally I find podcasts and webinars very useful, especially when you can download and listen at your convenience.

The ratings are very interesting and show a clear preference at present for webinars, podcasts.

This may call into question whether time spent on LinkedIn and Facebook is time well spent>

Anyway my first comment on this material. The site has what looks like quite a lot of useful material, though one needs to make allowance perhaps for a US centric focus.


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