Unfortunate project certainities

A cynical, but quite possibly accurate post at ComputerWeekly.com identifies 5 probabilities regarding the conduct of IT projects in the UK or US, whatever the political complexion of the administration:-

1) Over-optimism

2) A willingness to believe inspirational thought-leaders in the private sector who say that, yes, complexity in government can be simplified with technology (as opposed to changing the way things are done)

3) An insistence by ruling politicians and senior civil servants that what seems to be an IT-based disaster is, in fact, a success

4) What can be covered up will be

5)Knowledgeable critics will be dismissed as Luddites

As I said cynical, but in the light of Edward Leigh’s recent comments not perhaps far fetched, in fact all too believable

H/T to Privacyint and Taxpayers’ Alliance the source for Computer Weekly.


2 responses to “Unfortunate project certainities

  1. ANZ National just commissioned a $79m data centre on time and on budget. (see http://anz.co.nz/resources/d/b/db8e0c80421ca48c8b6cdbb283c86c53/MediaRelease-20101404.pdf )

    • David

      I read the press release. I accept that ANZ have a successful project. I am aware of many successful projects including in the public sector. The tenor of my post was around public sector projects.
      In addition it was around IT. ANZ commissioned a new data centre and I presume brought up on their existing systems in the new centre.

      Most comment on IT project issues is around systems projects as such.

      See my post

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