Massive UK NHS project may collapse

The massive in all senses of the word UK NHS IT project may well collapse according to this report dated today.

Billions of pounds over budget and at least 4 years late the project seems to be lurching from one crisis to another. 2 of an original 4 vendors have walked away – Accenture and Fujitsu. BT has seen its involvement decrease. Now CSC and the Ministry cannot reach agreement on a revised contract.

This IT project is often cited as the largest non-military IT project in the world.

Another report earlier this year noted that both CSC and BT had failed to meet their obligations numerous times.

To further highlight the governance and other issues obtaining in this area, the outgoing chairman of the Public Accounts Committee has made a number of trenchant criticisms:-

Edward Leigh singled out IT procurement as “particularly weak”. He said: “Projects are over-ambitious, overly complex and fail to deliver what is promised while costs rocket.”

In an open letter to his successor, who will be appointed shortly after the country’s general election, Leigh said better IT procurement would help find savings that are “easily available”, without taking steps that risk “threatening” front line services. Other steps included reducing bureaucracy and complexity, improving front line services, core management skills and the analysis of information.

In a damning note on government operations, Leigh said the government needed to start learning from its experiences, and reminded ministers that public scrutiny of their work “must be taken seriously”.

There were a number of major problems that were examples of the government’s failures in IT procurement, he said. These included the “woeful” £350 million system implementation at the Rural Payments Agency, run by Accenture, in which the Agency’s “poor leadership” meant data had become full of errors and the system was at risk of becoming obsolete.

What makes his comments all the more damming were these remarks:-

Leigh said there were also a number of good examples of best practice, including the Department for Work and Pensions’ Payment Modernisation Programme. But only a few programmes drew on such examples, and in most instances departments did not carry out final Gateway reviews to determine if their programmes delivered the planned benefits.

So projects are completed. but in a signal failure of governance no assessment of value is completed.

Leigh went on to say:-

Successful IT projects required senior level engagement, the government acting as an intelligent customer, and ensuring the promised benefits could realistically be delivered, he said.

“We have been impressed by some talented people who know what they are doing and are determined to do it well, but more frequently we have been shocked by the failure to apply basic management disciplines to major projects and programmes,” Leigh said.

It appears that a significant contributor to these issues is a failure to apply basic governance and project/programme disciplines. Furthermore the problems seem to recur again and again.

In an open letter to MPs Mr Leigh stated:-

“My Committee has made thousands of recommendations for improvement, the vast majority of which have been accepted by government and acted upon saving the taxpayer over £4 billion, so our endeavours have been valuable. But it is disappointing to see problems arise in 2010 which repeat those of 2001 and indicate a systemic failure to learn from experience acquired within and across departments.”

Incredible and a warning to everyone concerned with major programmes and issues of governance.

The examples quoted are related to large projects, especially by NZ standards, yet the issues identified are seen again and agin in programmes/projects of all types and sizes.


5 responses to “Massive UK NHS project may collapse

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  2. Malcolm Jackson

    The scary issue for New Zealand is that the company at the heart of this atrocious project is iSoft. They rpovide the Patient management Systems for about 15 or 16 of our DHBs and the ultimate plan is to combine them all into one – sound familiar at all?

  3. Malcolm

    You might find this little piece from the FT of interest.

    Note the divergence of view between iSoft and the customer

  4. Malcolm Jackson

    Yes, interesting that “missed a March 31 deadline to get it up and running smoothly” seems to be blamed on CSC but iSoft’s comment “it was clear that Morecambe Bay still wanted Lorenzo and “we are very confident that we have a go-live in early May” ” seemed to not be worthy of comment by the FT.

  5. I have , as they say, baited breath!

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