South Canterbury Finance again!!

Lost Soul looks again at South Canterbury Finance and thinks the vultures may be circling. In addition should Treasury be continuing the deposit guarantee? What to make of comments by Kapiti stockbroker Chris Lee? Does Lee have a postion to protect here?

Should SCF have addressed key issues earlier? What are the governance issues to be learned here?

More later.


4 responses to “South Canterbury Finance again!!

  1. I have a substantial number of Preference Shares in SCF. No interest paid in the last three months.
    Is there any hope.
    Regards. Robin Clarke

  2. Robin Clarke

    As mentioned earlier is there any hope for the Preference Shares. No interest for the last three months.

  3. Robin

    See my post on Hubbard . Look at Hickey’s article which I reference, but consult your advisers.


  4. U know very depressing, I have been paying my loan off dutifully & what happens.
    Initially, it might sound great that my debt is wiped. But then, I get kicked in the pocket bigger , by contributing my tax towards pulling the whole organisation ???
    Interesting to hear about all the investors and their LOSSESS, but the media is not doing a very good job about explaining the implications of Jo Blogs

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