Transforming Government

Catching up with some reading today, I read Mark Toomey’s Infonomics Newsletter for December 2009.

The major focus of this newsletter is on ‘Transforming Government’. Mark is referring tothe recent Government 2.0 report to the Australian Government and the earlier Gershon Report.

As Mark says in his introductory comments the Government 2.0 report :-

explores the prospective use of Internet technology to transform the interaction between citizens and government, and the use of government information. In essence, it’s a discussion of Value Chain Integration in a government context.

Mark’s comments on the report and related issues such as the Australian National Broadband Network and Enterprise Architecture are worth reading. When one looks back a week to John Key’s speech to Parliament last week they resonate still more strongly.In that speech Key noted that many agencies would have no new money for several years. Therefore, it would seem that looking at the gains to be made from a more focussed use of ICT, coupled with taking advantage of the proposed fibre roll-out  makes a lot of sense, especially if agencies look at a greater use of self service and related techniques.

A useful start might be if the Key government undertook a similar intiative to that of Australia and looked at how ICT could be used to assist in the Transformation of Government.


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