Tiger:However bad it looks, it can be turned around!

The Economist has a take on the Tiger Woods ‘affair’, in which they examine how Brand Tiger can be brought back to prominence.

An interesting look at brand management, including a comparison with how David Beckham’s people handled his issues of a similar nature.

I rather liked the conclusion to the piece:-

what seems at first to be bad publicity can be transformed. “Companies that screw up, then go into overdrive in apologising and putting the situation right end up with a much deeper customer relationship than before,” says Mr Milligan, who thinks the same can be true of Mr Woods. “He hasn’t committed a crime against humanity. He has just been caught with his pants down—which actually adds drama to his story, and could improve his long-term value.”

If he sorts out his personal life and wins some more tournaments, Mr Woods could soon be on his way to that second billion. Accenture could even start running adverts featuring a triumphant Tiger with a new slogan: “However bad it looks, it can be turned around.”


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