Wales seeks to lure IT firms from NZ

Simon Hendery writes in the NZ Herald on efforts by the Welsh Regional Government to attract  Kiwi IT companies to set up there and some of the inducements on offer.

At the end of the article he writes:-

Perhaps just as importantly, we should be monitoring its success to see if we can win some business back in this direction.

New Zealand may not be able to offer the proximity to the huge European market that is a key selling point for IBW, but we have other selling points that are of interest to the technology industry, including our time zone (allowing overnight delivery of services to Europe during our business hours) and the “lifestyle” benefits that attract migrants from around the world.

I was disappointed with this comment. For high tech IT firms proximity for the sales people yes, but surely we can do the R&D here,especially once we have reliable heavy duty broadband, furthermore our cost structure is surely not as high. Why do we keep quoting lifestyle, we have as well the China FTA for example and the newly concluded Malaysian one.

Looking at 2025 aspirations surely we could design an investment regime that makes it attractive to set up here, rather than say in Wales. Maybe not!


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