Brain Fallow on 2025 and all that

Brian Fallow has an interesting article today in the NZ Herald on the divergence in growth and income between Australia and NZ. One of the more interesting tidbits was the URL for the 2025 Taskforce website where many of the submissions are being released to the public.

Fallow suugests that a number of the submissions make gloomy reading, apart from anything else we lack:-

  • intellectual capital – lack of R&D and commecrcialized innovation
  • human capital – lack of skilled people and increasingly so
  • monetary capital – financial resource

The Institute of Management notes that NZ management has”plateaued at a level of mediocrity”.

Fallow’s article is pessimistic in tone.

Perforce I have to agree with his closing comments:-

Business New Zealand’s recommendations are a pretty unprepossessing wish list.

It includes the repeal of Working for Families, “simplifying” labour law as it relates to dismissal and collective bargaining, allowing the private sector into accident compensation, and including property rights in the Bill of Rights Act.

A lack of vision, thought as to what we might be , indeed totally uninspiring and rooted in the past to my mind. Tackling pimples on the problem, rather than the problem.

As Fallow says:-

Let’s hope Dr Brash’s committee can come up with something better than that

Amen to that.


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