A Basic Client Account Plan

Currently, amongst other matters, I am working on a suite of documents designed to assist consulting firms.

This Client Account Plan is one of several documents that I have developed for use by clients and others.

I thought I would release this one, under a Creative Commons License, for people to use and adapt as they wish.

Please let me know what changes you make.

Creative Commons License
Client account plan by Peter Salmon is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 New Zealand License.

You can download the file from Slideshare

Good hunting!

I will release some others, but I am afraid others I will keep back as part of my Intellectual Property.


2 responses to “A Basic Client Account Plan

  1. Hi Peter, wouldn’t this be something that should be in a relational database?

  2. You can do that, you can also use one of the available software packages, but as an example of basic data collection I have found that this works quite well.

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