On wine in general, Pinot Gris and Syrah in particular

Those of my readers who know me personally know that I enjoy my food and an accompanying glass or two of wine. Over the years I have come to appreciate NZ wines more and more, so I found this FT column by Jancis Robinson on New Zealand wines of especial interest. The column dates from July this year, but is worth reading. I especially enjoyed her remark about Pinot Gris

Pinot Gris/Pinot Grigio seems mysteriously to sell the world over on its name alone rather than on any intrinsic wine quality.

My palate is nowhere as good as Ms Robinson’s, but I have always considered Pinot Gris over hyped and over rated, so was delighted to read the comment.

I found her closing comment of great interest as well:-

I am increasingly excited about the quality of NZ Syrah grown by the likes of Craggy Range, Stonecroft and Unison of Hawke’s Bay; Schubert of Wairarapa and Kennedy Point of Waiheke Island. It can be complex, savoury and much more subtle than Australian Shiraz, its cousin across the Tasman.

I like the idea that we can produce quality Syrah, especially subtle wine, rather than the stuff which parades as ‘Shiraz’ in Australia.


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