NZ not performing in broadband?

The 2009 Broadband Quality study conducted by the Saïd Business School and Oviedo University, sponsored by Cisco, has been released.

Given the Key government’s intention to improve NZ broadband it seems appropriate to take a look at the study.

Unsurprisingly NZ does not figure in the Top 20 countries.In fact we seem to rank quite poorly overall. A number of non OECD countries rank more highly.

Countries were ranked in 5 tiers when looking at the Broadband Quality Score:-

1      Ready for tomorrow

2     Comfortably meetings needs of today’s applications

3     Meeting needs of today’s applications

4     Below today’s application threshold

5    Leapfrog opportunity

NZ was in 2008 in the group of countries, by BQS, described as ‘Below today’s application threshold’ and in that grouping behind UK, Chile and Estonia amongst others – NZ at 37 overall by BQS. In 2009 we had improved, slightly,to being in the lower end of the grouping ‘Meeting needs of today’s applications’. We were behind Estonia, Singapore, UK, Poland and Australia amongst others. Our position was at number 35, a number of countiries having progressed up the scale.

The Top 5 countries for 2009 in respect of BQS were South Korea, Japan, Sweden, Lithuania and Bulgaria .

Then looking at quality and penetration the Top 5 were South Korea, Japan, Sweden, Hong Kong and Switzerland. Australia was 13, NZ was 32.

No NZ City was in the Top 100 by BQS score

Overall NZ did not appear to rank highly,  countries which one might not see as leaders in this area ranked better than NZ.

I hope Mr Joyce’s officials read the study and consider the implications for our economy. If we are to move into the weightless economy, it would seem that we have much to do.


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