ISACA Wellington – Project Success Event

We had a good day on Friday. Interesting presentations and lots of questions and discussion from the participants, which made the effort involved in organizing the programme and event well worth while.

A consistent theme which emerged was the importance of people in all aspects of programmes and projects. Further, was a strong sense that when looking at programmes and projects we should recognise first and foremost that they are about business and change, not techonology alone.

My thanks to the speakers and to the attendees for making the day so succesful.


5 responses to “ISACA Wellington – Project Success Event

  1. A good selection of topics on project success, including the need to be benefits driven and the role of leadership and governance. I look forward to the next one.

  2. one for your blogroll (sure you know this one already): Michael Krigsman’s IT Project Failures

  3. Would it be possible to publish some excerpts of the seminar on your website?

    I am highly interested in the topic of People and Project Management (I’ve dedicated a whole section on PM Hut:

  4. Let me have your email address so we can correspond

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