Rise of the Paywall 2

I wrote on the Rise of the Paywall earlier today.

Then I came across this Economist article.

Again I come to the view that many do not understand the revolution that is underway.

Why, well consider this statement:-

The Newport Daily News, a small Rhode Island newspaper, recently began charging $345 per year for online access to stories. Few opt to pay such sums. Fully 170,000 people buy the Arkansas Democrat Gazette every day compared with just 3,500 online subscribers. “It does not justify itself as a revenue stream,” admits Walter Hussman, the paper’s publisher. In fact, the Democrat Gazette’s pay wall is more of a revenue dam, intended to stop the flow of readers

So again, I find myself speculating as I do on where media is going.

Many ask me why I devote so much thought to this issue.

It is important!

We should all be concerned over :-

  • Who owns what we read
  • Who owns what we see
  • Who owns what we hear
  • Who sets the regulations regarding the above
  • Tha nature, extent and intent of media law

Need I go on?

Oh, initially when I read The Economist article I was rather unconcerned about the import, until I thought about it. Then I became more concerned.


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