Late this afternoon I met with a prospective client.

After we finished our meeting my client asked me why my company was called Manning Charles & Associates Limited.

I explained.

Yet on reflection I think I neglected part of the story. Why I do not know, but this memory came flooding back to me today.

Many years ago, my parents took my brother and myself on one of many camping holidays in Europe. I have this memory of sitting in a French or maybe Italian camp-site, one evening in my early teens, and responding to the question what do you want to be, when you grow up?

On this point I will ignore my friends who maintain I have yet to achieve adulthood.

Memory tells me that on that night, one summer, I said I would go into business with my father and we would be Manning Charles & Son.

That never happened, for many reasons.

However, from the point of view of providing professional services – Manning Charles was an inevitable part of any business name.

As I said – Memories.


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