Reflections on ‘Free’

I have commented before on Chris Anderson’s new book Free.

I was reminded of this when looking for an internet connection. In my hotel the in room connection is $33.69 for 24 hours with a ludicrous 50 Mb data cap.

50 metres away in the nearby Esquires coffe house I can buy a coffee and get 1 hour of wireless broadband and 60 Mb of data for ‘nothing’ it comes with the coffee.

What would you do?

What is it with NZ hotel operators?

Esquires can support the wireless access, why not the hotel?

It raises some thoughts on the nature of business modelas and where companies see their revenue and profit opportunity. Esquires presumably seeks to bring more traffic through the shop to consume coffee, buns etc. The hotel looks at the broadband as a profit centre in it’s own right?  Yet surely ‘free broadband’ in the hotel would drive more traffic into the hotel! Not only that guests might then use more of other hotel services such as coffeeshop, bar if they can do in the hotel what they now have to leave the premises to accomplish.


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