Orang-utans 1, Cadbury loses mega $

The NZ Herald reports that formerly iconic brand Cadbury has backed down on the use of palm oil, after a campaign which equated palm oil use with the destruction of the habitat of orang utans.

Leaving aside the fact that I await with interest campaigns against other major users of palm oil, for example:-

Non-edible uses of palm oil include:

• Soaps and detergents

• Candles

• Cosmetics

• Lubricating greases for machinery used in the production of edible foods

• Grease for bread molds and bread making equipment

• Grease used to protect tanks, pipelines and similar instruments which remain uncovered and in the open air

• Drilling mud for the petroleum industry

• Epoxidated palm oil used to plastify and sterilize products in the plastics industry, in particular during the production of PVC

• Glue

• Printing inks

• Biodiesel

• Metallic soaps for the manufacture of lubricating grease and metallic dryers

• Steel cold rolling proceses

• Tinplate rolling

• Acids to lubricate fibers in the textile industry

In addition to oils extracted from the oil palm fruit, other parts of the tree can be used in industry. For example, leaf fibers and empty fruit bunches are used to produce chipboard and plywood. After plantations are cleared out, the trunks of old palms can be used to make furniture.

The question remains:-

  • Why on earth did Cadbury seek to use palm oil in the first place?
  • What possessed the owners of one of the most iconic global brands to risk it in such a way?
  • Was this a local decision?
  • Was it a UK HQ decision?
  • Has Cadbury lost it’s way?

Cadbury for many, many years had a culture that reflected the Quaker background and social conscience of the founders. What has happened to the Cadbury corporate DNA? Culture is something that is very difficult to alter, especially when driven by such a strong set of values that Cadbury, at least to this writer, has seemed to possess.

I used the term above, formerly iconic brand, because I am of the belief that in NZ Cadbury have done themselves severe harm, possibly irreperable – certainly to the ‘iconic’ status.

How can this:-


Ever hope to compete with this:-


No competition, the ape wins every time.

BTW Cadbury forgot the golden rule enunciated by the immortal W.C . Fields –‘Never work with animals or children’.

They appeared to threaten the animals and p***** off the children and their parents. Very silly!

NOTE: Palm Oil does not have to be sourced from S E Asia the location of the Orang-utans habitat.


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