I’ve got a little list!

This blog is mainly about business topics which interest me, but at the same time I think I am entitled to indulge some of my other interests from time to time.

I am a fan of Gilbert & Sullivan. This liking was inherited from my father who had a collection of LPs of D’Oyly Carte performances of a number of the operettas. My taste includes a number of the more updated versions since the original copyright expired. In particular I remember the version of the Mikado, set in a colonial outpost, re-titled The Black Mikado and starring Michael Denison amongst others.

The patter songs of course have been reworked many times, partly because the nature of them lends the style and music to such re-working. Yet many songs retain an appositeness still.

This all came to mind when I read this Telegraph article on G&S and how the author had once seen a performance by Americans in Bangkok. This reminded me of seeing Pinafore in Bermuda many years ago.

Furthermore it called to mind Mike Leigh’s affectionate homage in his film Topsy Turvy starring amongst others Jim Broadbent and Timothy Spall.

I was going to use a clip from Topsy Turvy, but then I came across this modern updating which is really rather fun and has some good topical references, but it does repay careful listening, enjoy. Listen for the Mariah Carey quip.

It shows how versatile and timeless the G&S canon is.

Oh, and do we not all have our own little list?


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