Chris Anderson on Free:The Future of a Radical Price

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Chris Anderson, Editor of Wired, has very recently published a new book Free:The Future of a Radical Pricing Model.

An extract is published in Wired under the title Tech is Too Cheap to Meter: It’s Time to Manage for Abundance, Not Scarcity.

In the video Anderson who previously published the well regarded Longtail postulates a radical approach to pricing in which much that might once have been charged for is given away for free. It is worthy of note that he does not suggest that all content is Free. He puts forward the ‘Freeium’ concept.

In line with what he proposes Anderson has made available an Audiobook. In addition, readers in some locations may be able to access online version of the book. Interestingly given Anderson’s proposition the version is not available in some countries for ‘copyright ‘/distribution agreement reasons. Thus clearly some limitations to his model are immediately apparent.

The article, book and video are interesting as is the argument propounded.

I was going to post on this some days ago, but other thngs intervened.

My reasons for posting today are that I had time to finalize the post, but more importantly Anderson’s thesis has direct relevance to the issue I wrote about yesterday regarding – Media: but not as it was. There are some follow-ons to that post, but I think an awareness of what Anderson is suggesting will be helpful. There is a lot more information on Anderson’s blog.

As much as anything else Anderson is writing about the impact of disruptive technology and the impact that it is having on established concepts and long held beliefs as to what are appropriate business models.

I find it both fascinating and a privilege to see this played out, almost in real time, especially as in NZ we now appearing to be seeing some local manifestations of what is happening.

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