Browser Wars – an update

Pat Pilcher writes in today’s NZ Herald with his perspective on the current state of the browser wars:-

Browser Wars graphic NZ Herald 13 July

Browser Wars graphic NZ Herald 13 July

Thanks to Firefox and Safari, however the battle for the best browser is again reaching a fevered intensity – which is great news for you and I as browsers pack an increasing array of cool features, use less system resources and go faster. Here’s the current state of play on the browser battle front.

This is a useful round-up of the current state of play.

It can of course be regarded as yet another front in the ‘war’ between Microsoft and Google.

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2 responses to “Browser Wars – an update

  1. globalinternational

    i like all the browsers , some browsers have sum excellent features , and some have sum other good features. the most important feature is to resume your work from where you left .

  2. Will Walworth

    Not an exactly a contribution to debate.

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