‘Dead Tree’ business models

There is a lot of discussion going on in newspapers, magazines and on the internet regarding the future of the ‘press’ or as some call print media -the Dead Tree press.

I have been reading a fair bit about this recently and consider that the debate provides an opportunity to consider what happens when the impact of new technology collides with old and cherished ways of doing things.

One recent example was what appears to be a bizarre suggestion by Richard Posner that linking to newspaper articles should be regulated or prohibited.

To commence a series of posts on this topic, I have uploaded a video of Katharine Weymouth, Publisher of the Washington Post, in discussion at the Aspen Ideas Festival on aspects of media business models.More material and related articles can be found at The Atlantic.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “‘Dead Tree’ business models“, posted with vodpod

As much as anything I suspect I chose to write about impact on newspapers and related media, because I love reading about current affairs and what is happening in the world. Yet despite the pleasure that comes from settling down with a decent cup of coffee and a decent newspaper I find that the internet provides me with superb news resources at a fraction of what would have been the cost if I had to buy each publication. Yet there is potentially a considerable societal cost if newspapers close. We will probably lose local news, aspects of community input and scrutiny of the executive and legislative branches. Or at least perhaps the in-depth scrutiny that some print media provide.

So just what new business models will emerge. Will Chris Anderson’s concept of Free win the day or will we see micro charging for specialist output as envisaged by amongst others Rupert Murdoch.

Therefore a number of posts in the coming weeks will be on aspects of this issue. Look forward to sharing my thoughts and observations with you.

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