Musings on Twitter

Gideon Rachman, Chief Foreign Affairs columnist for the FT, discourses on Twitter and it’s relevance in an enjoyable article.

I enjoyed his imaginings of what Tweets in the past might have been like, e.g. from Karl Marx:-

The problem is that Twitter simultaneously encourages extreme brevity and endless communication. Each shot is short but you can keep twittering all day if you want – and many addicts seem to do just that. If Marx really had lived in the age of Twitter, he would probably not have been sending out thunderous political messages. It is more likely that his Twitter feed would have read: “Just arrived at British Museum. Going for a cup of tea.”

Enjoy, as Rachman notes, tongue in cheek I suspect:-

Marx never got a chance to consider the importance of Twitter to a successful revolution. But my feeling is that it is mainly hype. The French revolutionaries somehow managed in 1789, without being able to tweet to each other: “Big demo planned outside Bastille.”

Rachman is I think of the view that Twitter may be useful, but is over hyped.It could be a fad, or it might just be with us for the longer term. Some see it as a whole new communication and marketing medium.


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