Grab That Info

From the FT an article on how to capture that elusive web information as you saw it. In other words, Grab That Info,  indeed that is likely to be the new catchphrase of the 21st Century.

Like many information workers, I rely to a large extent on the internet, and the web in particular, for research. But it can be like navigating a labyrinth – even with a search engine – and the challenges do not stop there.

Once I find golden nuggets of information I often want to save, copy and sometimes share them with others. I typically use cut and paste for this although it merely copies the words and not the way they are displayed, inc­luding alongside images. It is also a bit hit-and-miss if complex data are involved.

Read and follow up on the article.

BTW I am exploring the use of iCyte. Why, well:-

I have already found many uses for iCyte, including keeping records of online transactions, capturing receipts and compiling research.

Best of all, it is free, easy to use and powerful.

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