Green is good for business?

Green Is Economical

  • Old Thinking: Companies have long mistakenly thought that adopting environmentally friendly processes adds costs.
  • New Thinking: Green practices like recycling, reusing and reducing waste can cut costs because they make a company more efficient.
  • Proof in Action: At the Subaru of Indiana plant, workers are constantly devising and revising green initiatives. The factory has dramatically reduced waste per vehicle and puts no garbage in landfills.
The above summarises some key points from a Sloan Management Review/WSJ article on how going green can make money for companies.
In NZ, NBR writer Allen Swann reports on how Zespri has re-engineered processes to reduce carbon footprint and identified potential savings of $17 million a season.
What benefits could be gained elsewhere in the NZ economy if the attitude adopted by Zespri and by Subaru of Indiana was adopted more generally. In addition the lessons learned could well then form the basis for services to be provided to others.
Further, these cases illustrate how competitive advantage can be developed in a world that increasingly desires product providers to demonstrate environmental credentials.

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