Lamenting Vista

The writer of the Tech.view column in The Economist laments upgrading to Vista, but consoles himself with the thought that better systems are coming.

Apart from the sheer frustration and the extra mousing around needed to navigate Vista’s security features, the locked-down nature of the operating system makes it run as slow as molasses and require far more computing power than XP to perform similar tasks. The extra security features also create a host of instability and compatibility problems. In short, Vista breaks lots of things users take for granted with XP.

It is hard to avoid a suspicion that XP was replaced, because the industry business model demands new versions and upgrades to maintain revenues, yet many users were quite happy with XP.

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One response to “Lamenting Vista

  1. I for one wouldn’t exchange my XP for other MS OS’s.
    Even the Lenovo admin uses XP.

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