AlphaInventions:increasing reach and range

Lesley Dewar, one of my LinkedIn connections, has been running an experiment at one of her blogs – Build Your Traffic – on the impact that AlphaInventions has on blog traffic.

The comments in her post on AlphaInventions are interesting.

Lesley followed this post up with another one, on AlphaInventions, at another of her blogs – No Tall Poppies.

The information given by Lesley indicates that AlphaInventions can drive a significant traffic increase.

Of interest will be whether the visits through AlphaInventions increase time spent by visitors on the site, comments, RSS subscriptions and perhaps Technorati Authority.In other words does reference to AlphaInventions lead to an increase in reach and range over time?

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14 responses to “AlphaInventions:increasing reach and range

  1. Hi Peter,

    I posted my thoughts on Build Your Traffic.

    Interesting to see how AI affects your clustrMap – if u intend to use that.

    But I am not a complete fan of AI,.
    it certainly extends your reach – but to what?
    not readers, just the browser as it loads your page for a few seconds and then moves on.

    I believe that if there was a measurable increase in comments that went along with the increase in page hits (as a result of using AI) then I would deem AI successful.

    But at the moment I see AI as purely increasing the page hits falsely.


    • I share your concern . Interestingly although the hit counts go way up, the visits as per Sitemeter do not rise as proportionately, although they do rise. Further, there is some indication, again from Sitemeter that the visit length increases.

  2. Interesting indeed.
    But quite franky I would trade 90% of my page visits for 25% more comments.

  3. I have been using Alphainventions recently and am not especially happy about the outcome. The following links to one of three posts on my blog explaining the problem as I see it.
    I emailed AlphaI on March 14th and left a comment on the site on March 16th but they have not replied to either – so I am coming to the conclusion that AI don’t want to admit the truth about their so-called hits. I suspect that most are not genuine visitors to my blog and I certainly agree with Philip Gibb’s comment.

    • The comments are pertinent. Like both of you I find AI suspect as regards the degree to which the hits are ‘real’.

      As to comments, I think the answer lies in the extent to which a blog develops a ‘voice’ that differentiates it from other blogs. Then it is more likely to attract a following and a following which comments.

      It is though a fact of blogging that there are many who browse and read, but do not comment.

  4. Commenting requires actual commitment, no matter how small, and that’s just not a part of today’s culture. The world is filled to capacity with Chauncey the Gardeners. “I like to watch…”

  5. Voice – absolutely!

    still finding mine


  6. Over 12 months and 8,000 views, I was getting 1 comment for every 40 views on average (not counting my own comments in reply). To imply that my blog is not sufficiently interesting to attract comments is not only mildly offensive but also misses my point – which is that AI appears to have brought me around 17,000 views/hits or whatever over just three days but only ONE comment from a new visitor. So what, exactly, was the nature of those 17,000 “hits”? This is all I have wanted to know from AI and as I asm no expert in these matters I don’t think it was unreasonable to ask. But have yet to receive any reply.

    • justwilliam

      I was not implying that your blog was not interesting. I was in fact writing from my own experience of blogging. I write another blog that attracts around 550 plus unique visits per day, many of which are returnees. Yet some days I get no comments. In addition I find posts I think are good are often not the ones which attract comments.

      My comment on blog voice was in fact a comment on my own attempts to develop a ‘voice’ for this blog.

      Sorry if you misunderstood


  7. 1 comment from 40 views is good, I am about 1 in every 35 including my own.

    I would love and average of 10 comments per post.

    There is an illustration of AI’s usefulness that is not suitable here and that only a teenager would understand fully.

    Better yet AI is like counting the number of times you hit refresh as page visits.

    Nothing better than a comment. Hence this one.

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  9. Its a informative site full of international knowledge.

  10. I don’t think AI is really attracting anyone who actually reads the blogs. I got 400+ hits today from them but not one comment on my investing site:

    This might just be people not commenting, as you said above, but I started a political blog as well: that has had a very high comment to hit rate (apparently people like to talk politics a lot more than finance). In fact the night I started it, with no advertising at all, I had 5 views and a few comments. I’ve had about 80 views on that from AI but have gotten no comments as well.

    I think it just counts each person watching the blogs roll by on AI when your blog flashes by as a visitor. Kind of like saying you watched a show when you are flipping channels. I think AI would be more effective if it had people type in the type of blog they were looking for, and then provided a scrolling set of posts from those. I think then they would be more likely to actually stop on a site and look.

    BTW-this seems to be a good topic for generating comments!

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