Downturn a catalyst for business

Thinking about the current recession or downturn is a topic occupying many people at the present.

Steve at has a post on Innovation in a down economy. In it he makes several useful points. His key point is that the downturn should be seen as a catalyst, especially for innovation and identifying and grabbing opportunities. These can be corporate, personal or both. Therefore, we should act positively and seize opportunities.

I think he is correct.

Far too much comment is going into ‘the woe is me’ type comment. Not enough is going into the this is an opportunity for me, my business, my country thought process.

Why is that?

Are we too inclined to take the glass half empty view, rather than the glass half full view?

I intend to continue this discussion.

Please comment as dialogue on this and related issues, is to my mind important. I would really like to see a conversation develop on this topic.

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