An exciting governance event

Amongst other activities I am a committee member for the Wellington Chapter of ISACA. In fact I am the member responsible for organising our various activities in the governance area.

On Tuesday 28 October we are having a one day seminar on Governance, which is being held at the Wellington Regional Chamber of Commerce at the Majestic Centre in Willis Street, Wellington.

The theme for the day is as follows:-

The Wellington Chapter of ISACA is extremely pleased to announce our 2008 Governance Seminar. This first Governance educational event promises to be thought provoking, focusing as it does on the topic of Delivering Value through Governance. We believe that this full day event is one of interest to a broad cross section of executives, consultants and others in the public sector and commerce. The day encompasses both presentations and case studies, based on real situations.

The presenters have extensive experience in business as well as with Information Systems and come from a variety of backgrounds.

The full programme can be found here.

I think it is an incredibly good value day and not just because I organised the event.

The programme is about governance as part of an overall value system, not as a tick the box process.


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